Lugthak’s Raiders

So a week after I posted my first battle report with the battle companies a brand new edition has been released!

It’s a phenomenal effort by all in involved and I can’t praise it enough. Follow the link here if you haven’t see it yet!

I wanted to continue with my Orc company from last time, however this time I will work out all the XP, gold and stats to keep track for future adventures!

With battle companies there is a great roster sheet to help keep track of everything. The first thing I did was choose models that were distinctive (something as simple as ‘red spear, green spear) and then chose names from the Battle Companies Document.

So here is the force in full with their starting equipment


From left to right

  • Nuzu (Bow)
  • Muzu (Bow)
  • Gorul (Spear)
  • Radrat (Spear)
  • Burz (Spear)
  • Naglur (Sergeant) (Two Hand weapon)
  • Lugthak (Lieutenant) (Two Hand weapon)
  • Yagbug (Shield)
  • Gazbag (Shield)
  • Shagug (Sergeant) (Shield)

The following report pits them against their foes from last time, the Warriors of Minas Tirith. The Orc’s took a serious beating. However rather than sit back and lick their wounds they have advanced into enemy territory. Following a road they hit the outskirts of a village. Ready to seek revenge on the man folk!

Scenario – Ambush

The objective for the orcs was to get 33% of their forces off the board edge, which meant four orcs needed to escape. The warriors of Minas Tirith needed simply to stop them!



Deployment was simple. The orcs based themselves around the road. The centre of the path was taken up by the shield and spear orcs, led by Shagug. The archers sat on the left flank, whilst Lugthak and Naglur waited on the right hand side. The defenders kept out of sight of the road to start with, most hidden behind the cottage, with the archers taking their place on the hill.

Turn 1

Priority to Minas Tirith. This happened a lot last time! And already I was worried about my opponent blocking all the exits. The five defence 6 warriors quickly moved to block the main road. The right flank was largely blocked by the cottage, whilst the archers had a range on the left. The orcs advanced bar the archers. However both sides shooting was ineffective. Long term I wonder about the point of ever including orc archers!

Turn 2

Priority Minas Tirith again! The archers stayed put. The defenders decided to form a road block of three warriors, with the spear men ready in support. The orcs poured forward. Lining our own shield wall up with theirs, but having a spear support on each combat. Lugthak and Naglur continued to push on the right, just a leap away from entering the fray, but with one eye on their escape. I decided that orc archers were utterly useless and so pushed them forward on the left. This would at least keep the defending archers on their toes, and give them a choice whether to engage the archers or support on the road!


The combat phase was decidedly an orc friendly one. The force of their charge was enough that they won each combat. Only Gazbag on the left side of the road managed to kill any of the defenders, earning himself the first bit of XP!

Turn 3

Orc Priority!! We push forward again, eager to press the advantage. Naglur lines himself up on the edge of the wall and barrels into the spearman (a Sergeant). The rest of the orcs push forward, including the archers out on the left. Yagbug manages to kill his opponent, whilst Naglur uses his two handed weapon to wound the Sergeant, but fate saves him this time! Gaps are appearing the defenders line!

Turn 4

Priority swings around to the defenders. My opponent is left with the choice of leaving his archers to block mine, or ignore the orcs and bring their swords to bear on the road. He decides on the latter.


The image above shows the moment the defending archers break onto the road, and Nuzu and Muzu ran toward the objective.

The spearman on the right flank decides to stay put rather than engage in any combat. This way he was using his control zone to block the advance of any orcs, but was fairly certain to get cut to ribbons.  The Minas Tirith captain manages to halt the advancing orcs and cuts down the useless Shagug who fails his fate test (If he survives or not will have to wait!)

Naglur heads up a three on one against the single spearmen. I had learned from last game that this was the sort of moment I should use a two handed piercing strike. I did, and the other orcs dice carried me through. With Naglur snatching an easy killing blow to get the Xp.

Priority was key in the next turn. If the defenders could win it, they would plug the gaps across the line. If not, the orcs would be able to push forward.

Turn 5

Priority goes to… Minas Tirith. I decide against using any might for a heroic move, saving it for now. The defending archers plug the gaps in the line but it’s still looking rag tag, and the orcs superior numbers are beginning to show.

The Minas Tirith Lieutenant calls a heroic combat. Now, if you have read the previous report, you’ll remember my orcs were undone by a fantastic heroic combat. So I was nervous again. Lining up against an orc spearmen, the Lieutenant fluffs his lines, loses the combat and Radrat rolls a six! The Lieutenant is down! Further up the line Gazbag kills again! That’s two for him now!

All that stands between victory for the orcs are the two archers!


Turn 6

Priority goes to the orcs. My archers leave. Meaning I need two more models off the board to win. Gazbag and Burz push forward ensuring that whatever happens they will be ready to leave next turn.

I decide to engage with my other orcs. Victory is all but ensured, what would be good now is to get a bit of Xp, particularly for Lugthak who has hidden for all of the battle so far. One archer falls to Yagbug, his second of the game. Whilst Naglur and Lugthak line up against the final warrior. They win the combat, but it costs Lugthak his point of might to ensure the archer falls. Not a bad cameo appearance from our leader!

A victory for the orcs!

Post Battle

Well! How different from last time? The thing with such small games is that a couple of sixes either way and the battle can turn. I was far better at using support this time, and those early casualties meant that I could really bring my numbers to the fore.

In regards to the company we have some unfinished business. I gained some gold for playing the scenario (D6 + 1) I managed to get 3, plus 4 for winning.  Giving me a total of 7. I thought about reinforcing the warband but I’m going to wait. I’ll be able to afford a Mordor Uruk-Hai soon.

My casualty, Shagug rolled on the hero table for his injury and managed a 7, so he sticks around with no issues. Though I can’t imagine Lugthak is best pleased.

The main other beneficiaries are Naglur getting 4 Xp, so he is close to a potential upgrade, whilst my two shield orcs managed two kills each and so are sat on three.

Mini of the Match

Gazbag managed two kills, his early one setting the scene and meaning the defending archers had to engage with my battle line! 3xp for him will be great for the future!

Moving Forward

  • Battle companies is fun! The new edition seems to give you far more control over the look and feel of your warband which is great. I will have another game soon. I think the warband may have caught the attention of a few more of the free people’s now.
  • I bemoaned my understanding of spear support and special strikes last game, but I feel this was far better. I still need to think about how best to use archers!


Huge thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Leave a comment on here and on twitter if you did!




7 thoughts on “Lugthak’s Raiders

  1. Loved this part 2 of the story of your Orc raiders. Very keen to read what happens next. have shared this with my gaming group in hopes of inspiring them to try the system next time ’round.


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