Bat Rep – Lugthak & the hounds of hell

The third bat rep in our series of battle companies is here!

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Last time out our warband took a beating. Come the end of the fray against the Uruk-Hai, only four Orcs remained on the board. Muzu had fallen for good, whilst many were wounded. Including our leader, Lugthak, who carries a deep wound on his leg. Naglur was the real hero, cutting down countless enemies. We also recruited our first warrior, Ugrat, the Mordor Uruk-Hai would be present in this battle to start breaking some heads. Nuzu and Yagbug were too wounded to take part.

Our embattled group now make their way through the ruins of the Westfold. Enraged at the loss of his Uruk-Hai, the wizard Saruman has sent his Warg riders to find and destroy these errant Orcs.

Scenario – Warg Raid

This is a simple custom scenario. The objectives are simple. To win, Lugthak must escape the board from the north-eastern corner with another 4 orcs. A draw would see only one of those conditions fulfilled. Whilst a loss would see neither.

The warband start deployment in the south-west. Six inches from the corner. Though we have used a small board for these games, it will still take a good few turns to get across.


The Wargs do not deploy at the start. Instead at the start of their move phase on a roll of a 4+ they deploy on the board. They roll again to see from which edge. 1-4 they arrive on the south or west. 5-6 on the north or east. They can keep coming back, but there can only be a maximum of 6 Warg Riders in play at any one time.

Turn 1

Lugthak took the centre of the band, with his bruisers of Ugrat and Naglur either side. He also sent his shield bearer orcs to watch the flanks. The whole band moved toward the centre of the board, keeping pace with their masters limp.

Two Warg Riders enter the fray. One in the west, the other manages to roll highly and joins in the north. Ready to block the exit. They cannot charge but are in prime position next turn!


Turn 2

Priority luckily goes to the Orcs. Cavalry are clearly most effective on the charge, and so to counter this, Shagug and Ugrat move back to engage their western foe. The rest of the party move eastward, careful to remain out of charge range this turn. The northern Warg rider moves into the centre of the board, ready to slow the advance, whilst a new Warg now enters from the south! Close to where the party have moved too!

Ugrat and Shagug manage to win their combat. Their tactical choice worked! Clearly shocked at being attacked so soon, the Warg Rider is smashed to high heaven by Ugrat. Instantly priving his loyalty to his new masters.

Turn 3

Priority again falls to the Orcs. This time Naglur and Burz peel away from the pack and engage the Warg before he gets chance to charge. This seems to be a good plan in these early turns, but I am worried about the band splitting up too much. Lugthak orders his boys to rank up, preparing for the charge of the rider in the centre. He and Gazbag form up and are supported by two with spears.


The makeshift shield-wall doesn’t hold. Aided by the charge, the Warg knocks his opponents to the ground! Gazbag takes a spear and falls, whilst Lughtak has to use his fate point to survive! Not a great start.

Naglur, manages to use his newly gained extra attack to execute his opponent in the south. The orc is a killing machine. Sometimes I wonder how Lugthak manages to lead this orcs instead of Naglur!!


Turn 4

Turn 4 see’s priority again fall to the Orcs. We have been lucky this turn. Lugthak manages to dust himself and get into combat with the Warg Rider. Naglur and Burz move up to support.

More and more Warg Riders are appearing now. Including the Warg Rider chief , who has his own Might point that could affect the game.


Ugrat and Shagug engage the western Warg. It seems to have fallen to these two to stem the tide. Ugrat continues his excellent debut and kills the rider.

Lugthak and his boys manage to fluff their rolls! Although they win the combat they are pinned in position. It’s disastrous as with more and more Warg Riders entering the table, I need to get moving. Priority is key!

Turn 5

Priority goes to the Wargs…

With the Wargs bearing down from all sides, Lugthak calls a heroic move. The Warg Rider chief is too far away to counter with anything useful and so Lugthak moves himself, Burz and Gorul toward the objective. Naglur and Radrat crash into the troublesome Warg Rider. (Naglur once again doing Lugthak’s hard work)


Shagug is charged in the west needing his fate point to stay in the game! Whilst the Warg Rider chief moves toward the combats, bearing down on Lugthak. Our illustrious leader’s limp could cost him dearly today!

Naglur proves his worth again and manages to kill the Warg Rider that has been holding the party up. The way seems clear, unless the Warg Rider chief can put a stop to things.

Turn 6

We are moving into the endgame now.

The Orcs win priority but in an attempt to slow the orcs advance, the Warg Rider chief calls a heroic move and charges in Lugthak. If he can kill the leader then the best the orcs can do is draw this game!

On the western edge, Ugrat and Shagug move into combat with the rider. Ugrat continues his excellent debut and cuts down his third rider, rolling a six in style!


Ugrat has saved the warband on three occasions this game, again and again beating back opposition. A fantastic debut!

Burz and Gorul escape the board, whilst Radrat is in close pursuit. The orcs are near to victory, but it hinges on the next combat!


Naglur, the mad dog and Lugthaks’s right hand man in all the adventures so far joins the combat. In the last game he was needed to end the Uruk-Hai leader, and so this time he brings his axe to bear against the Warg Rider chief.

Naglur isn’t needed this time though. Lugthak has enough in him strike the chief, who fails his fate roll and dies! This is only Lugthak’s second kill in the campaign! But an important one.

Whatever happens next turn, their is no possibility of Lugthak not escaping with the required number of orcs. Victory for the Raiders!

Post Battle


A strong return for my battle company!

Tactics paid off nicely this game. By having Ugrat and Naglur protect against the west and south we were able to get Lugthak and the rest of the band off the board pretty easily. The rider held us up in the centre for a while, but typically Naglur returned to finish him off!

Had the Wargs got better rolls then the battle might have been a different story. They were slow to recruit and managed to roll poorly in the combats, only Gazbag died this game.

Not much happened in the advancement. Here is the summary.

  • Gazbag returns to full strength
  • Gazbag also gets to roll on advancement but sadly no promotion!
  • We gain 7 gold. Putting us on a total of 16. I’m still really torn on what to spend it on!


The warband are now moving North, and now Lugthak’s name is gaining reknown, it won’t be long until the armies of the Free People’s decide to intervene with the growing threat…



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