Bat Rep – Can Lugthak tear down the walls?

How long can a raider continue to plunder and loot? How long before he settles his sights on something more?

This is the question facing Lugthak now. War is brewing and Lugthak senses an opportunity to give himself and his band a foothold, a place to regroup, rearm and reaffirm their grip on the countryside.

All that stands in their way is the last defenders and their stubborn captain.

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Scenario – Village attack

A simple scenario today. The board is cut in half by walled defenses, the village on the north side, Lugthak and his band in the south. The objective is simple, break the defenders and take the village for Lugthak’s foul purpose.


The opposition are a group of warriors of Minas Tirith led by their captain. The Boromir model represents their leader, who for this scenario is given the blademaster special rule. A worthy opponent for Lugthak.

Turn 1

Priority falls to Minas Tirith, who make sure all the gaps are plugged across the front line. The blademaster himself takes the gate, knowing it is here where the fighting will be thickest. The orcs move forward looking to engage across the whole line. Lugthak holds the middle, Ugrat on the left and Naglur Uruksbane on the right.

Both archers miss their marks.

Turn 2

The Orcs seize the initiative and move forward crashing against the walls. Nuzu takes a shot at their archer but misses, and for his trouble he takes an arrow from his opponent, falling early AGAIN.


The Orcs win combats across the line, but fail to make any kills. The blademaster engages against Yagbug and Shagug, and though he fails his first roll, his re-roll lets him win the fight and then kill Yagbug!

Two Orcs down so far!

Turn 3

The Orcs realign and Lugthak throws himself into the blademaster. However things suddenly get a lot worse. Ugrat, the hero of the last game falls on the far left. Gorul, seeing his comrade fall on his left manages to win his combat and scale the wall, however Burz on his right is also slain!


The right flank sees no progress from either side, whilst Lugthak fails to do any damage in the centre.

Turn 4

Again the Orcs push to gain a foothold on the village. Gorul, having climbed the wall manages to get himself attacked by two Warriors of Minas Tirith but survives. The right flank, led by Naglur once again is rebuffed.

At the gate, Lugthak and Shagug manage to beat back the blademaster… Lugthak fulls his roll, but Shagug steps up, killing the opposition leader! Suddenly the Orcs have a chance.


Turn 5

The orcs throw themselves into the village, Shagug charges to Gorul’s aid and occupies the attention of one of the Warriors of Minas Tirth. Lugthak himself throws himself into combat with the Gondorian archer who has left the safety of the hill. It’s an easy kill for him in an otherwise bloodless turn.


Turn 6

Things start to hot up across the battlefield. On the left flank, Shagug unexpectedly falls. He fails his fate roll and dies. On the right, Gazbag finally loses a duel that has lasted 6 rounds and succumbs to his wounds.

Not all is lost. Naglur, often the hero of these engagements finally gets his kill and leaps the boundary in his unfettered fury.


Lugthak urging his Orcs forward helps on the Eastern wall and kills the defender from behind.


Suddenly the defence has broken, and Lugthak’s raiders in running riot.

Turn 7

The final turn see’s Lugthak put one of the fleeing spearmen to the axe, but other than that there is nothing else to do but count the dead and toast the victors. Lugthak finally has a base of his own. Things are about to change.

Post Battle

Well, that turned out OK in the end!

I really worried early on, droves of Orcs fell, and Ugrat dying was a real dampner. Battle companies gives you high expectations of your warriors! I’m convinced Naglur is going to win every combat he’s in, Ugrat is in a similar boat for me but just didn’t do it today

In regards to promotions, upgrades and casulties here are the notables.

  • Lugthak’s Fight Value has increased by 1
  • Naglur’s Defence has increased by 1
  • Shagug has suffered a -1 to move
  • Burz is now promoted and will take the stat line of a Morannon Orc
  • Yagbug has died. He will be remembered.
  • All others make full recoveries and fail to gain any perks or promotions.


Well what next? I’ve hoarded gold over the last few games with this game in mind. Lugthak is wounded and now see’s himself as a ruler rather than a raider. He will of course still be the Orc in charge, but perhaps his Lieutenants will now run his small errands. Naglur has made a name already and could be dispatched as the main plunderer, perhaps Ugrat could be used in other theaters of war?

I will use the gold to reinforce the party, perhaps giving me enough for a splinter group, with the larger force needed should the village come under attack.


Any ideas, comments, feedback is always loved. Cheers again.


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