Build Me An Army Worthy Of Mordor Part 1

What a year for Middle Earth.

New Edition, New Models, New Era.

I’ve neglected the blog, but my own hobby has not gone untended. With a busy year out of the way for myself, the launch of this fantastic new edition and now some time and space to properly dedicate I’ve decided on a resurrection.

After buying a house at the end of the summer, I found I finally had a dedicated space to Hobby. So like any rational person I bought the brand new ‘Battle of Pelennor Fields‘ box set. After splitting the contents with a friend, I was able to start my latest army.


The Pelennor Fields box is the perfect start for any aspiring Mordor player. The huge block of 36 Morannon Orcs, plus Troll and Witch King is a fantastic start for anyone, and with a couple of heroes thrown in, gives a great army to start with.

I knew that the Morannon Orcs would form the backbone of any army. So my first steps would be get a warband of 12 of these painted and ready. Having not painted for a little while I was worried about making sure the quality was good enough. The miniatures themselves lend to new painters, small areas of skin but largely metallic and robes.

I used the citadel app as a launch pad, but if you’re interested my simple scheme is included below. I’ve included the main areas, there was variation in skin tones and dark leathers

Leadbelcher – Basecoat
Agrax Earthshade – Wash
Abbadon Black – Light Stipple
Leadbelcher – Fine Highlight
Khorne Red – Basecoat
Nuln Oil – Wash
Wazdakka Red – Highlight
Jokaero Orange – Fine Highlight
Browns/LeathersGreen Skin
Dryad Bark – Basecoat
Agrax Earthshade – Wash
Gorthor Brown – Highlight
Castellen Green – Basecoat
Nurgling Green – 2nd Basecoat
Agrax Earthshade Wash
Nurgling Green – Highlight

Below is the model I painted on it’s own as a tester.

I painted the other 12 in the same fashion, only varying the skin tones.

I’m really happy with this first warband. Though the photo doesn’t do them justice below, they’re a good standard to get playing with.

It’s a shame the Morannon Orcs don’t have their own Battle Company as I could jump right in with this warband, though I could run a custom Mordor band of three with shield and three with spear… I’ll have a think, I do have a longer term idea…

So with this as my launch pad I need to press on with some reinforcements. More Morannon Orcs are a certainty, another 12 will give me a solid base for whatever theme or idea I go with. The Box Set itself has a Troll and the Witch King, though both of these feel a little big for any initial skirmishes I have. I’d also love Gothmog at some point.

Luckily for me Forge World have presented the perfect solution. The newly released ‘Guritz and Gothmogs Enforcer‘ give two brilliant Heroes to captain a warband. I must confess the model for Guritz is probably one of my favourite in the whole range. So I’ll press on an order!

Check back next week as I progress on with my Mordor Army. Any comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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