Build Me An Army Worthy Of Mordor Part 5

So last time out my fledgling force met their first loss, so what better way to remedy that than add some reinforcements.

The basis for my army was always the ‘Battle for Pelennor Fields‘ boxset. With some additions of a few heroes I’ve managed to get a fighting ready force of around 400pts.

Thankfully the box itself also comes with some other models that are usable for my army. Namely the Mordor Troll. I’ve never had the kit before, or used one on the battlefield, so was intrigued to finally get my hands on them. It’s such a great scene in the films when the trolls breach the gates of Minas Tirith.

I’m hoping that with ‘Gondor at War‘ the troll will still be usable with ‘Gothmog’s Legion’, and at time of posting, I will probably know the answer as I pre-ordered mine as soon as it came live!

So to my Troll. I wanted to keep the monster in keeping with the rest of my army, so made sure that the armour and the red cloth were just the same. For the flesh I wanted something that would pop and stand out a little more than the darker orc flesh I had been painting recently. I actually followed a GW guide for painting BlightKings, without the final bright highlight.

I’ve attached two photographs as I still struggle to get the lighting right! If anyone has any good/easy tips to improve my photos I’d love to get some feedback. Sadly I’m only using an Iphone but feel like I’m not capturing the models at all.

Anyway, with the Troll done I now have a painted 500 points. I’ve looked ahead and found that there is a local tournament in March using 500 points that I could be able to get too.

I want to give myself some options now for the future of the army. I had Gothmogs enforcer waiting to be done, along with another 12 Morannon Orcs. The recent Warhammer Community post also suggested that there would be two new Orc heroes coming! Which gives me a plethora of options.

Where do you think I should go next? Send me a message and let me know!

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